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Houston Rockets has won two NBA Championship Ring in the franchise history. Both NBA Championship Ring were won in the 1994 and 1995 season.

Houston Rockets 1987–1992:

During these five years, the Houston Rockets consider themselves the lean years as the franchise failed to either qualify for the playoffs or was eliminated during the first round.

Furthermore, this led to the dismissal of Fitech and replacing him with Don Chaney as the head coach of the Rockets.

To add on, Don Chaney led the Houston Rockets to have their best season in 1990-91 and he was named the coach of the year after leading the Rockets to a 52-30 record despite Hakeem Olajuwon absence due to injury for 25 games.

However, the underwhelming roster could not be lifted out of mediocrity.

Nonetheless, the attempts to rebuild the team nucleus incorporated players later make an impact in the years to come.

Players such as Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell, Robert Horry, Mario Elie, Sam Cassel and Otis Thorpe.

Midway 1991-92 season

Later this season. Chaney was fired and replaced by his assistance Rudy Tomjanovich, a former Houston Rockets player himself, due to a 26-26 performance.

However, the Rockers did not make the playoff this season but improved their record by 13 games in the next season.

In additional, winning the first playoff series in 6 years by defeating the Los Angeles Clippers before an elimination by the Seattle Supersonics.

1994 Houston Rockets Championships for Clutch City

In the 1993 season, the Houston Rockets faced the defending conference champion Phenix Suns led by MVP Charles Barkly after dispatching Portland Trail Blazers in 4 games.

However, the Rockets collapsed with a beginning 2-0 lead by the Suns. With the defeat of the Houston Oilers, it appears the Houston was doomed.

Therefore, labeled the name ‘Choke City’. But with the ultimate came back to win the series in seven games.

Houston Rockets overcame their ‘Choke City’ with ‘Clutch City’, the name later became a pert of the Houston folklore.

Later, the Rockets defeated the John Stockton and Karl Malone’s Utah Jazz in five in the Conference Finals to advance to their third finals.

Nonetheless, the Houston Rockets won the New York Knicks even with an 3-2 opening advantage by the New York Knicks. With Hakeem Olajuwon named the Finals MVP after 27 points and nine rebounds in average.

Above all, The Houston Rockets won their first NBA Championship Ring and gaining themselves a name ‘Clutch City’.

Houston Rockets winning 1995 NBA Championship Ring
Houston Rockets winning 1995 NBA Championship Ring

1995 Championship

During this season, the Houston Rockets struggled in the first half of the season. But later fixed by sending Otis Thorpe to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Hakeem Olajuwon’s former college teammate Clyde Drexler.

Later, the Rockets made to the finals as the sixth seed in the Western Conference.

With the nickname ‘Clutch City’, the Rockets quickly defeated the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs to face off the Orlando Magic led by Shaquille O’neal and Penny Hardaway.

However, Houston Rockets swept the Magic to become the first team in the NBA history to win the NBA Championship ring being the sixth seed.

Also, the first to beat four 20-wins team in a single postseason.

In addition, Olajuwon was named the Finals MVP again, being the second player after Michael Jordan to earn this title two years in a role.

Above all, this NBA championship ring won by the franchise elevated Rudy Tomjanovich ‘ heat of a champion!.

1994 Houston Rockets NBA Championship Ring

The 1994 NBA Championship Ring was presented to the team on the 4th November 1994 before an opening game.

Importantly, this NBA Championship Ring has its name ‘Clutch City’ designed on the team side of the ring.

1995 Houston Rockets NBA championship Ring

Firstly, the face of the NBA championship ring featured a twin miniature Larry O’Brien Trophies representing the back to back Championship won by the franchise.

1995 houston rockets nba championship ring
1995 houston rockets nba championship ring

While on the team side of the ring, it featured an NBA logo and words ‘Back 2 Back, Believe it Again!’.

This championship ring was made with 14k Gold material measuring to be size 11.5.

Lastly, this was named one of the most prestigious ring won by the Houston Rockets.

Post-championship and rebuilding

After winning the back-to-back NBA Championship. The Houston Rockets went into a rebuilding phase.

Before the start of the succeeding season, the Rockets exchanged for Charles Barkley which result in a ‘Big Three’ in the lineup consisting Olajuwon, Drexler and Barkley.

However, was defeated by the Utah Jazz with a dramatic last-second shot by John Stockton.

Furthermore, in the following season, injury caused the Rockets to face another elimination by the top-seeded Utah Jazz.

Yao Ming era

Between 2002 – 2009, the Houston Rockets drafted Yao Ming on the first overall pick which later improved their season record by 15 victories.

Jeff Van Gundy replaced Rudy who resigned due to a diagnosed bladder cancer. The Rockets finished the regular season with a record 45-37 earning themselves their first playoff appearance since 1999.

However, was eliminated in the first round by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Later, Rockets acquired Tracy McGrady in the off-season. The scoring champion McGrady and the strong rebounder Yao formed a well-regarded pair that helped the Rockets win 22 consecutive games in the 2007–08 season,

Popularly the 3rd longest winning streak in NBA history.

Still, the duo was plagued with injuries – of the 463 regular season games for which they were teammates.

Furthermore, Yao missed 146 and McGrady 160 – and did not win any playoff series, despite gathering leads over the Dallas Mavericks in 2005 and the Jazz in 2007.

Rebuilding for the Rockets hasn’t shown much positive effect until the James Harden ear.

Despite to the conference finals round in the 2017-18 season, the Rockets was defeated by the Golden State Warriors in game 7.

With the next two season eliminating the in the semi-final round.

Re-building for the Rockets was a tough process, lets wait and see when the Houston Rockets can bring home their next championship and winning their third NBA Championship ring.

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