Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings
Can Steph Curry win his 4th NBA Championship Ring?

Sports enthusiasts often credit Steph Curry with revolutionizing the way professionals play basketball in the NBA.

He brought something to the game that encouraged others to step up their games, too. Famous for his ability to shoot three-pointers from long distances, Steph Curry has been a powerhouse for his team, the Golden State Warriors. Because of his unique talents on the court, you may wonder if it’s led to any NBA championship wins and rings.

Here’s what you need to know about Steph Curry and how many rings he has.

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings
Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings

How Many Rings Does Steph Curry Have?

Steph Curry has three NBA championship rings. He won them all while playing with the Golden State Warriors.

The years in which he won his rings were:

  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2018

It took some time for Curry to earn his rings. The Golden State Warriors drafted him in 2009. He’s played 11 seasons thus far, and in that time, he’s helped lead the Golden State Warriors to the ultimate victory three times. Curry also took part in the FIBA World Cup in 2010 and 2014 and helped them win as well.

Does Steph Curry Have The Most NBA Rings?

No, Steph Curry does not have the most NBA rings. That record belongs to Bill Russell who played with the Boston Celtics in the 1960s. Russell has 11 NBA rings. Curry doesn’t even make the Top 10 list for players with the most NBA rings. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are ahead of him with six and four rings, respectively.

Will Steph Curry Earn More Rings?

Some speculate that Steph Curry may have it in him to earn more NBA rings in the future. Although he’s already played for 11 seasons, Curry plans to continue to support the Golden State Warriors. He recently signed a contract with the team for four more years. That means he’ll be playing for the Golden State Warriors until 2026, at least.

In return, he received $215 million through the contract extension. Since he has four more years ahead of him, there’s a good chance that Curry will earn a few more rings in the future. Part of that is because of his ability to shoot three-pointers. Since Curry walked onto the court and showed everyone what he could do, many players have tried to up their game to match him. It’s difficult to defend against someone who can shoot a three-pointer from almost anywhere on the court. Because players are trying to match his abilities, it does make it more difficult for Curry to have an edge on the court anymore.

However, if he keeps up the hard work and the rest of the team works alongside him, there’s no reason Curry couldn’t come away with a few more NBA rings.

What Do Steph Curry’s Rings Look Like?

Every ring is different depending on the season it comes from. Each ring tells a story.

Here are what Steph Curry’s rings look like and the stories they tell.

1. The 2014–2015 Steph Curry Golden State Warriors Championship Ring

The 2015 season was fraught with tension.

Going into the finals, the Golden State Warriors looked great on paper. They had performed their best ever with 67 wins in the regular season. In their league, it was a new record. Going into the finals, they were up against the New Orleans Pelicans first. The Warriors dominated that team. Curry had an average of 30 points for the series. The next team they were up against was the Memphis Grizzlies. This was their first real taste of playing against a veteran team with some skill. They won one game but then found themselves down two.

To move forward, they needed to push back. Curry made it happen by scoring 33 points in a game that tied them up. They’d win two more after that to allow them to face their next threat. The Houston Rockets were a cakewalk for the team. They won five games against them and made their way to the final showdown. They were up against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers had LeBron James in their roster and posed a serious threat. It was a neck-and-neck series. They initially tied in the series. The Warriors won one game, and the Cavaliers won another. Both games ended up going into overtime.

Then the Cavs won two games after that. It wasn’t looking good for the Warriors, but Curry and the rest of the team focused and managed to win three games in a row after that. They defeated the Cavaliers and won the NBA championship. It earned Curry his first ring.

Many Warriors fans consider the 2015 season to be the finest the team had in a long while. To commemorate that, the franchise chose Jason of Beverly Hills to design and produce their rings. The front of the ring dazzled everyone when they first saw it. The ring features the Bay Bridge logo of the team in stunning detail. In particular, it has six carats of diamonds and sapphires. The sapphires make up the bridge while gold outlines it. The inside of the ring also paid tribute to the venue of the finals, the Oracle Arena.

Its roof design, with its extended beams, reflects inside the ring through beams of color jutting out from the center of the ring. The arena’s famous X architecture that lines the outside of it was also used in the ring’s design.

There’s a series of X’s that line the rim of the ring. In total, 240 stones were used in the ring. These indicate the 240 wins of the regular season and the postseason.

On one side of the ring is the year in which he won the ring. The year 2015 is boldly engraved. An even smaller detail makes the number 2015 even more special. Within the number 2015 appear the jersey numbers of every player who was on the Championship roster. It features 15 jersey numbers.

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings
Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings

This side of the ring also showcases the team’s name and the NBA logo. It also has Curry’s name written on the edge of the ring. Interestingly, there’s a part of this ring that’s only viewable under black light. Four fluorescent stones indicate the team’s total championship wins. They were now 2015, 1975, 1956, and 1947. The majority of the ring has 14-karat gold, but certain parts of the ring used a different type of yellow gold. This gold had 67% purity to reference the 67 wins that the Warriors had in the regular season.

Along the side of the ring are 16 princess-cut diamonds. These diamonds represent the 16 seasons it took for the team to win the NBA championship since the last time.

Also on the inside of the ring is the inscription, “Just Us.” This is a motto that the players used to cry after leaving a huddle. There’s also a single sapphire on the inside of the ring that symbolizes the first win under new ownership.

Finally, on the other side of the ring, are the words “World Champions.” Beneath the words is an image of the trophy with numerous hands reaching for it. This is a reference to the moment in which the Warriors accepted the trophy, and everyone reached out to touch it.

Clearly, a great amount of detail and thought went into the production of this ring.

2. The 2016–2017 Steph Curry Golden State Warriors Championship Ring

The 2016 championship game went to the Cavaliers, but in 2017, the Golden State Warriors wanted their trophy back. To further add spice to the team, Kevin Durant joined the team. There was a bit of controversy over him joining the team, but the Golden State Warriors certainly benefited from the decision. Despite Durant being an all-star forward, Curry still played an integral role in the Warrior’s rise to the finals. They managed to pull in 67 wins during the 2017 season. At that time, they had the best record in the league.

They also had no problems against those in the Western Conference finals. Portland, Utah, and San Antonio couldn’t overcome the Warriors. That led them to the finals for the third time. The previous year had seen the Cavaliers take the trophy home. The Warriors, with their new offensive team, intended to win. Despite the rivalry, the Cavaliers ended up being no problem for the new Warriors team. They won five games against them and took the trophy home.

The Warriors, with their new offensive team, intended to win. Despite the rivalry, the Cavaliers ended up being no problem for the new Warriors team. They won five games against them and took the trophy home.

This time, however, Durant would obtain the MVP title. Impressed with the design from their previous championship win, the Warriors again chose Jason of Beverly Hill to design and produce their 2017 rings.

It broke records immediately.

The ring has 11 carats in total weight which meant it had more diamonds than any other championship ring in the history of all four sports at that time. Embedded within the ring are 36 princess-cut sapphires which indicate the 36 wins the Warriors had at home. Alternatively, the ring has 31 trapezoid diamonds that were cut into shape with a laser.

These 31 diamonds represent the 31 wins they had for their away games. It also includes 83 pavé stones. These symbolize the total wins that the team had during their regular and post-season games. Each side of the ring has the team’s record for the postseason series. That means 4-0 is inscribed three times and 4-1 appears once.

Around the ring is the year of the season, 2016–2017, and around those numbers is the jersey number of every player on the championship roster. Their post-season record of 16-1 is also referenced in the inscribed XVI-I on the side of the ring. The front of the ring again features the bridge, the Warrior’s logo, and a championship trophy. One of the sides also has a set of five trophies. These symbolize the five wins that the franchise has received throughout its history. Although each ring is already personal to the player, this set of rings went even more personal. Some of the rings feature two championship trophies while others feature one. They’re located on the inside of the ring. Those who won the championship in 2015 and 2017 received two trophies on their rings while those who only played in 2017 received one trophy on their ring.

Finally, Curry’s name is on the side of the ring along with his jersey number.

3. The 2017–2018 Golden State Warriors Championship Ring

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings
Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings

The 2018 season prompted some questions about whether the Golden State Warriors could win back-to-back championships. The previous four seasons had started to catch up to some of the players. Curry, himself, ended up with an injury that took him out of some of the games. He only averaged 26 points per game during the season and could only participate in 51 games.

Despite his injury, and with the help of Kevin Durant, the team pushed on to defeat San Antonio and New Orleans. The Rockets had won during the regular season with the Warriors in second place.

In the finals, they proved a difficult match, too. Houston’s team had three wins under their belt and the Warriors only had two. The Warriors needed to win the next two consecutively or face elimination. It was touch-and-go in both games. The Warriors were behind for the first quarter, but they managed to come back in the second half and beat out the Rockets. Durant and Curry were the main reasons for the Warriors’ ability to make a comeback.

With the defeat of the Rockets, they only had their old rival, the Cavaliers, to beat for the championship. The Cavaliers relied heavily on LeBron James, and he wasn’t able to put a stop to the combined force of Durant and Curry.

The Warriors would end up with the series win and earn themselves another ring. Durant would go on to win the season’s MVP title although Curry was a close second. Not only did this mark another win for the franchise and Curry, but it was also a back-to-back win. Jason of Beverly Hills had the chance to make a third set of rings for the team. This ring proved to be more even more innovative and incredible than the prior two.

One of the most interesting features of this set of rings is the front of it. It’s actually reversible. The front has two sides. One features 74 sapphires that make up the background behind the bridge. It represents the total number of wins the Warriors had for their regular and playoff seasons.

On the other side of the face, 74 diamonds take up the place of the sapphires. They signify 2018’s win total as a whole. Two trophies rest on either side of the ring’s face. They symbolize the back-to-back championship wins the Warriors pulled off. One trophy is 17-karat gold and has a 0.17ct diamond as the trophy’s basketball. This symbolizes the 2017 trophy.

The other trophy has 18-karat gold and has a 0.18ct diamond as the trophy’s basketball.

This symbolizes the 2018 trophy. You can also remove the top of the ring to reveal a slightly recessed area beneath it. On the bottom of this concealed area is the inscription, “Strength in Numbers.” This is a reference to the mantra that the Warriors followed throughout the season. The sides of the ring also indicate the post-season’s record for all the series in which they played.

The numbers 4-1, 4-1, 4-3, and 4-0 represent that record. Even the texture on the sides of the ring has meaning. The bristle texture indicates the four-game sweep that the Warriors played against the Cavaliers.

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings
Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors Champiomship Rings

One side of the ring has a ton of information. It has Curry’s name, his jersey number, the Bay Bridge, and the slogan of “Just Us.” Along with this information, the ring showcases 58 stones. These stones represent the regular-season wins the team had. The other side of the ring represents the team information. It has the number of every player’s jersey who played in the finals. It also has the jersey logo on it. The words “Back 2 Back” are on this side of the ring as a nod to the back-to-back wins of the championship. It also tells the season record of 58-24. There are 56 stones on this side which symbolize the number of years that the Warriors have been part of the Bay Area.


Steph Curry has three rings under his belt, but due to his tenacity, skill, and determination, there’s a good chance that number will increase over the next few years.

The rings above are personal to the players, and after reading about the various details included in the design of the ring, it’s understandable why that’s the case.

Keep an eye on Curry’s career to see if he can earn ring number four.

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