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Common Question about World Series Ring

This article is to answer some common questions about World Series ring asked by many people.

World Series Ring was a championship ring award to each player and staff after a team wins a World Series Game in the MLB.

Champion rings are usually made of white or yellow gold. Along with precious gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds mounted onto each ring.

Together with the team’s name, logo and team’s motto or slogan.

What are World Series rings made of?

Many are curious about what are World Series Rings made of? World Series Rings, similar to other major sports championship rings are commonly made of yellow gold and white gold.

Mostly are made of 10K, 14K and 18K gold instead of pure yellow as the hardness of the metal plays a direct impact on the design of the ring as well as the how well it last.

1921 new york giants world series championship ring
1921 new york giants world series championship ring

First MLB World Series Ring

In Baseball, the first World Series ring began in the 1922 series by the New York Giants after defeating the rival New York Yankees in the World Series Game.

However, the Yankee returned to claiming the World Series victory in 1923 but they opted in for a pocket watch instead of a championship ring for the players. The first ever Yankees ring was given to the team only in the 1927 after winning the World Series that year.

Does the Runners-Up get a ring?

Firstly, all team advancing to the World Series game was a champion in their conference. Winner of the American League and National League were given a league championship ring which is also called the AL ring or the NL ring.

These conference championship rings were not as popular as the World Series rings.

How much do a World Series Ring sell for?

World Series Rings doesn’t not have a retail value as they are not available to be sold to the public.

Thus, we can only get an estimate of the price of the ring from the materials being used.

Furthermore, the value of a World Series ring is usually justified through auctions of the World Series Rings sold by their owners.

An average cost of a World Series ring was between $5,000 to $8,000 in the vintage rings. Championship Rings today worth about $15,000 to $25,000.

However, these are just the cost of making a ring. If some popular players decide to sell their ring. There will be crazy offers that’s going to shock everyone.

How much do a replica World Series Ring sell for?

Replica World Series Ring are sold at a price range between $20 – $400 depending on the material used and the level of customization.

20,000 of the 1995 Atlanta Braves World Series Replica Ring was given to the game attendees at their opening game this season with each valued at about $40.

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