2020 los angeles dodgers world series championship ring cody bellinger ring
How much do World Series rings sell for?

World Series rings are worth at about $20000 on average due to the quantity of the purchase.

Although they are retailed at $40000 each.

However, the record was broken by the Chicago Cubs commissioned ring said to be worth ip to $70000 consisting of 214 diamonds and 5.5 Carats.

Furthermore, it consists of the 3 carats rubies and 2.2 carats of sapphires.

Who get a World Series Baseball ring

Firstly, the World Series baseball ring are commissioned by the winning team, not the league, and distributed to players and staff.

Secondly, each world series baseball ring was designed uniquely and is inspired by the team that wins the competition.

2016 chicago cubs world series championship ring ben zobrist ring
2016 chicago cubs world series championship ring ben zobrist ring

First World Series rings

MLB World Series Championship Ring Chicago Cubs 2016 Ben Zobrist

The first World Series baseball ring was given to out in 1922 and the first team to begin this tradition was the New York Giants.

However, it was only until the 1920 that each team started to commission rings for their staff and players.

2021 Atlanta Braves World Series Rings

Atlanta Braves World Series Ring World Series Baseball Ring

For example, of a latest World Series baseball ring given out to the winner of the 2021 World Series winner.

Atlanta Braves World Series ring features 221 round diamond and three princess cut diamonds.

Above all, the cost of the ring was $25000 each.

On top of that, the Atlanta Braves are believed to be the first organization to gift the winning players personalized NFTs using Jostens design, built and rendered n 3D by Threedium and minted and distributed by Candy Digital.

To conclude, each World Series ring is a remarkable piece of collection to each remarkable team.

2020 los angeles dodgers world series championship ring will smith ring
2020 los angeles dodgers world series championship ring will smith ring

2020 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Rings

2020 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Ring

Los Angeles Dodgers is the only World Series Baseball ring given to the team that’s is not a detachable ring as comparing to other sports rings for NBA, NHL and NFL.

However, the ring is much like the Los Angeles Lakers ring, which tell the story of the 2020 season within the ring itself.

Firstly, this ring features a 14-karat white gold and yellow gold with diamonds and sapphires.

In total, the Los Angeles Dodgers ring features about 222 round diamonds, 10 princess cut diamonds and 45 custom cut genuine sapphires.

Secondly, the ring weighs an astonishing 11 carats.

Thirdly, the face of the ring features the LA logo with hand-crafted from 17 custom-cut genuine sapphires and is set atop a baseball diamond.

Fourthly, on the team side of the ring. The 20 symbolize the year of the championship.

The 2020 year is set with 36 diamonds underlined by eight round sapphires which represents eight consecutive National League West division titles won by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Also, the excellence in detail involved in making this spectacular work of art does not end at the ring itself. Each ring comes with a custom-made Dodgers blue box featuring a personalized nameplate for the recipient.

Lastly, each ring comes with a price tag of $35000.

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