kevin garnett celtics ring
How much is Kevin Garnett Celtics ring worth?

How much is Kevin Garnett Celtics ring worth?

Let’s have a break down on how much is Kevin Garnett Celtics ring worth.

Before we jump into that, lets have a brief look back on the establishments done by Kevin Garnett, commonly known as KG.

Kevin Garnett Celtics Ring
Kevin Garnett Celtics Ring

Drafting to the NBA

Kevin Garnett was the entered the NBA in 1995 being the 5th overall pick selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On top on that, KG was the first ever NBA player being drafted directly out of the High School. This made an immediate impact on the Timberwolves, leading the franchise into eight consecutive playoff appearance.

Joining the Boston Celtics

In 2007, Kevin Garnett was traded to the Boston Celtics to exchange for Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfaire, Ryan Gomez and AI Jefferson.

This trade caused many speculations on the Boston Celtics. With combination of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, this trio was named ‘The Big Three’ by the media and they are a strong contender to the NBA Finals.

In the following year, the ‘The Big Three’ out ran the Los Angeles Lakers led by Kobe Bryant to win their 17th franchise NBA Championship Ring. With Paul Pierce named the Final MVP.

It was the only championship ring won by Kevin Garnett.

How much is the 2008 Kevin Garnett Celtics Ring worth?

This Kevin Garnett Celtics ring 2008 Championship Ring manufactured by Balfour has 14 carats of white gold with 92 diamonds and emeralds that weighs nearly 10 carats, the ring was estimated with a value of $30,000.

2008 boston celtics nba championship ring
2008 boston celtics nba championship ring

Front of the Kevin Garnett Celtics Ring

in the face on the ring, there are 3 custom cut baguette emeralds used in making of the shamrock symbolizing the Boston Celtics.

With 66 pave set round brilliant diamonds surrounding the green shamrock representing the 66-16 regular season record.

Besides that, 20 emerald cut diamonds was designed on the shank of the ring band.

2008 boston celtics nba championship ring
2008 boston celtics nba championship ring

Team side of the Celtics Ring

On the side of the ring. There is a ‘Banner 17’ which represents the 17 NBA Championship won by the Boston Celtics.

With a regular season record, 66-16, marked on the bottom of the ring to record the franchise regular season record.

Lastly, with the word Ubuntu, which means ‘I am, because we are’ in African language. This is the team’s mantra.

2008 boston celtics nba championship ring
2008 boston celtics nba championship ring

Name side of the Celtics Ring

Larry O’Brien trophy was designed on this side of the band. With a 0.1 carat diamond on the trophy.

Kevin Garnett’s name and number was made on this side of the ring too with the Celtics Logo placed in the center of the ring.

Although this ring was estimated at a value of $30,000. But for the Celtics Franchise and the fans. The intangible value and the accomplishment by the Franchise is worth far more than the value of this ring.

It’s a record-breaking moment for the Celtics as they tied rival Los Angeles Lakers to have the most NBA wins in the history.

Also, a breakthrough from the championship draught.

This 2008 Boston Celtics replica ring is available for sale in, you may check out their store. There’s a full collection of all the NBA Championship ring from all teams.

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